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Thread: Ghanas Parliament Is Full Of NPP HomosexualsIll Name Them All NDC Activist

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    Default Ghanas Parliament Is Full Of NPP HomosexualsIll Name Them All NDC Activist

    The Deputy National Coordinator of the National Youth Council, Prince Derrick Adjei, has vowed to publish on Wednesday, what he says is a long list of homosexuals in Ghanas parliament.

    Also included in the intended list are bi-sexuals who he says are all linked to the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

    Derrick Adjei, a member of the governments communication team, was guest of Asempa FMs Ekosii Sen programme on Monday afternoon, and said it is in the blood of the NPP to resort to lies and name-calling when they find themselves at the receiving end of issues, but he is ready to battle them on their own terms, and hopefully, defeat them.

    On Wednesday, there is a list that Im going to put out and I hope (that) the NPP will be intact after that because if they want to play a certain game, we will all play by their rules and even by their rules they will lose because they only pride themselves in lies.

    The National Youth Councils deputy national coordinator was reacting to comments emanating from incidents recorded at a durbar of the chiefs and people of Cape Coast at their annual Fetu Afahye festival a week ago, at which event the NPP flag-bearer was allegedly shunned by President Mills and the chiefs.

    Derrick Adjei had explained on a television programme that Nana Addo might have been shunned owing, perhaps, to his diminutive stature which might have caused him to get lost in the sea of people at the traditional festival. He had also claimed that even though he was not at the festival personally, the briefing he received suggested that some of the people in Nana Addos entourage reeked of alcohol.

    But he says he has since his comments been called a homosexual, a charge he claimed follows from an earlier tag that he was the most dangerous man in Ghana in a publication by the pro-NPP newspaper, The Statesman, then owned by Nana Akufo-Addo. His crime at the time, he said, was that he had championed the cause of the Ga-Dangme people who were fighting for their stolen lands.

    He said the NPP per their character, are a lawless lot who think that as far as they are concerned nobody can be president but them, while others yet think they are lawyers when they are liars.

    The list will come out on Wednesday. If they beg or they dont beg, it doesnt matter, the list will come out. I feel sad because some of the names on the listpeople in parliament, people who have held NPP executive positions, yes! organizers and things, he warned, serving notice also that the NPPs flag-bearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, will not go scot free for allegedly instigating the lies and a history of name-calling against him.

    Derrick Adjei said he will sue Nana Addo, being flag-bearer and therefore leader of the NPP which has called him (Derrick Adjei) a homosexual when he is not.

    But Samuel Abu Jinapor, Special Aide to Nana Akufo-Addo, who called into the programme, said homosexuality, under Ghanas penal regime, is a crime that should not be brushed aside. He said Derrick Adjei must purge himself of the accusation or either quit his post or be fired because homosexuals cannot occupy the current post he occupies.

    Samuel Abu Jinapor also cautioned that for far too long, too many people have been allowed to peddle lies against Nana Addo without anyone responding, however, henceforth, that attitude will be challenged whenever it occurs.

    Source: Myjoyonline
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    It seems the homo bug is wreaking havoc everywhere. Asem oh

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    For real Neo. Sweeping across the nations like a wild fire. I'm waiting to hear some names tho'.

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