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Thread: Serious Fraud Office Boss Dares GFA

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    Default Serious Fraud Office Boss Dares GFA

    Contrary to claims by a GFA Executive Member, George Afiriyie that the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) does not have the legal right to investigate the Ghana Football Association, the Executive Director of the Serious Fraud Office has told Citi FM that his office has the legal mandate to investigate private organizations in which Government has interest.

    George Afriyie is currently in Court seeking an order to prohibit the SFO from investigating a $15 million sponsorship deal for Ghana’s premier league between the GFA and the mobile telecom giant Glo.

    The premiership deal has attracted a lot of controversy over certain anomalies. Mr Afriyie argues that the deal was between two private entities, thus barring any investigations by the Serious Fraud Office.

    Though the matter is yet to be heard by the Court, Mr Kweku Mortey Akpadzi in an interview with Citi News said the SFO can go ahead with the investigation since the Government has an interest in the Ghana Football Association despite its status as a private organization.

    “We are sure we have the mandate and that we would be vindicated and we would go ahead and investigate this matter because it is a matter of importance to Ghanaians. They are saying we don’t have the power and we are saying we have the power so we would see what the court decides.

    “If even you take the serious Fraud Office act, it is very clear. They themselves are admitting that the government gives them money to manage the Black Stars so Ghanaians would want to know how they manage affairs. We are not investigating the GFA only for the Glo deal; we are investigating the GFA for its management of affairs of funds involving government funds, that’s what we are doing.” He said.

    He argued that “GFA is an institution in which the Ghana government invests substantial money, and therefore as a government institution set up to check the use of funds government invests, we are entitled to go in and make sure that the proper thing is done.”

    “The law says any institution in which government has financial interest, government has interest in GFA and that allows us to investigate the affairs of the GFA.” He added.
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    This is getting interesting. Popcorn,a gulp and i'm all set. LOL

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    This case will die quietly and all the noise about investigations and what nots will come to naught. The money has been "chopped" and nothing can be done. ---- the GFA !

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