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Thread: How to tell if a Woman is interested in you(MAN)

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    Default How to tell if a Woman is interested in you(MAN)

    Let's assume you're at a coffee shop and you see a woman you want to meet. You approach her and say something like, "I haven't seen you here before, what's your name?"

    Let's say she tells you her name answering "Lennah." She has immediately sized you up, made a decision to tell you her name and done so. Would you say she is interested in knowing you? I would say she's not very interested Why? Because she didn't ask you your name She didn't say "My name is Lennah, what's yours?" If she does say that, you're off to a good start.

    Let's take another example.
    You approach her and say something like this: "Hi, I'm Niash. I haven't seen you here before, who are you?"
    If she says "Hi Niash, I'm Lennah," that's a great sign.
    If she extends her hand toward a handshake, even better.
    If she responds to the "who are you" in your introduction with something like "I'm just a person who enjoys coffee" and doesn't offer her name it's not a good sign. She's not immediately interested in you.

    Does that mean it's over with her? Not necessarily.
    An important thing to understand in dealing with women is SHE is the one who decides if the introduction, the conversation and the relationship will go forward. The woman makes the decision based on her level of interest.

    Can you make her more interested in you? With skill, yes.
    But in the first seconds of that first meeting she, on a very primitive level, decides if she likes what she sees and hears-or not. It's a spontaneous reaction to what she sees and feels about you.

    Are you threatening? Are you smiling? Do you seem friendly or aggressive? Are you confident or nervous?

    She has a special kind of radar and makes the decision immediately. Of course you could also catch her on a bad day. She may have just come from her dog's funeral and is not in a very good mood. But assuming that's not the case, her interest in you is much more important than your interest in her.

    The big mistake we men make is thinking that because I like her, she should like me.
    The way you feel about her has nothing to do with it. If she doesn't like you, or want to know you better, it's over. Don't waste your time. When approaching a woman for the first time I have always liked the "Who are you" question, with emphasis on the word 'are It suggests curiosity and at the same time indicates you have confidence.

    Your assignment for this tip is to meet women.

    Find ways of saying 'hello' and introducing yourself. Especially if it's a woman you are not attracted to. It's called practice. And if you're not really interested in her, you have nothing to lose and you won't be nervous. Give it try. Have fun and observe what happens.

    Take care Man. Good Luck

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    ... lmaoooo.... what?? You cant be serious ...

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