The Greater Accra President of the Ghana Bar Association says the gang of four lawyers who accused judges of swapping verdicts with money has failed to justify and defend their public statements.

According to Frank Davies, the four did not show up at a committee set up to investigate the bribery allegations they made against the judges.

Dr. Raymond Atuguba, David Annan, Abraham Amaliba and the late Larry Bimi at a round-table discussion on the judiciary and Ghana’s justice system in Accra, organized by the National Commission for Civic Education, claimed they know of judges who collect bribes before providing verdicts.

Their allegations provoked a sea of controversy with the Judges and Magistrates Association blacklisting the lawyers from private practice until they proffered evidence against the corrupt judges.

Whilst some accused the lawyers of indiscretion and making misguided, unsubstantiated allegations, others have chided the Judges and Magistrates of sheer hypocrisy.

The Forum for Governance and Justice has jumped to the defence of the lawyers, accusing the Ghana Bar Association of living the lawyers to hang in the dry.

Spokesperson of the group Clement Apaak said the GBA without any due diligence condemned the lawyers unjustifiably.

He said the Judges and Magistrates have no legitimate basis to form an association and send a petition to the General Legal Council and has therefore proceeded to the courts to challenge the action by the judges.

He said it is only when the courts pronounce judgment on the matter that the four lawyers will come forth with their evidence to back their allegation.

But the Greater Accra President of the Ghana Bar Association Frank Davies maintains the Bar cannot be blamed for the quandary the four lawyers find themselves in.

He said his office has provided the platform for the lawyers to defend and justify their claims but they have not availed themselves of that opportunity.

He said a judge who takes money before pronouncing judgement is just like an armed robber and every lawyer owes it a duty to expose them.

Frank Davies therefore challenged the lawyers to provide evidence of corruption against the judges to bring closure on the matter.