The national chairman of the ruling National Democratic Congress, NDC, Dr. Kwabena Adjei is questioning his invitation by the police over comments he made demanding a purge of the judiciary.

But Dr. Kwabena Adjei's personal secretary, Adam Nasser says there is no basis for the invitation extended to the party chairman last Thursday.

Dr. Adjei's comments since mid-August have led to heated debates and arguments, culminating last week in the pressure group, the Alliance For Accountable Governance (AFAG) calling for Dr. Adjei's arrest and prosecution, following it up with a complaint to the Nima police. The police have since responded, and are expected to question Dr. Kwabena Adjei in the coming days.

However Adam Nasser has told Joy News the police did not need the AFAG's prompting to invite or question Dr. Adjei if indeed what he said of the Judiciary was criminal or treasonable.

He told Joy News the party chairman was travelling when a call came ostensibly from a senior police officer seeking audience with Dr. Adjei.

“I was with him when he had a call ostensibly it's from the Director General of CID and that they wanted to come over to his house to speak to him on certain issues. He enquired to know what those issues were and what he was told was that it related to the press conference he held and made comments about the purging or the cleansing of the judiciary. What he told them was that he made that statement on behalf of the functional executive committee of the party… which comprises the executive, the members of council of elders …and so the statement was not his personal statement but was the statement of the party and so if they want to speak with him, on Tuesday they will be having their functional executive committee meeting, the party will be present and then they can come to him over there…”

Describing the AFAG “prompting” of the police as very unfortunate, Nasser said between when Dr. Kwabena Adjei made the statement and when the police decided to invite him, is such a long time for the police to act if indeed there was criminality.

“Between the time he made the statement and last Thursday, is it not long overdue for the police to have known that if there was something really very wrong or treasonable with the statement, is it not long enough for them to have determined that? Must AFAG be the people who should come with a press conference at a very late date to instigate the police to do this thing that they are supposed to be doing?”

Adam Nasser does not expect the police to arrest or prosecute Dr. Kwabena Adjei.

The police last Thursday told JOY News that the NDC chairman is to meet the CID next week. The police however failed to say if he'll be charged with a criminal offence.