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Thread: Prophet Insists November Is End Of The World

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    Default Prophet Insists November Is End Of The World

    Prophet Peter Anamoh, the leader of Machaira Community Church (MCC) has denied the story that he was charging ˘5 million as heaven gate fee.

    In a rejoinder which was written to the Ghana Palaver, Prophet Peter Anamoh said, the facts as presented in the story which was published in May 16, 2011, edition of the Ghana Palaver were contestable.

    “To begin with, I never said anywhere that people should pay ˘5M as heaven’s gate fee in connection with the catastrophic disaster which I prophesied, will strike the world in November this year. Let me also, put on record, that I am neither a fraudster nor a trickster, as the article sought to portray”.

    “The message that I came out with, was about a global catastrophic disaster which God revealed to me on the basis of my working in total obedience to Him, for the past 12 years as His prophet to the nations. The message which must be taken seriously by all people all over the earth, is that, a very great and devastating catastrophe the likes of which has never taken place, will strike the world in November 2011. The good Lord also, gave me the sole obligation and mandate, to send the warning signal across the world, for everybody to hear and prepare”.

    “It is very pertinent to point out here, that I couldn’t have spread this message across the world without having a strong financial backing. To arrest the financial situation therefore, I launched a fund raising campaign to realize some money to enable me get the message across the 10 Regions of Ghana, through conferences and the rest of the world, via the media for people to hear and get prepared”.

    “I designed the fund raising campaign to range from categories like diamond, gold, silver, bronze, iron to clay. Whilst those in the diamond category were to pay GHc 500 (the highest amount), those in the clay category, were also to pay Ghc 30 (the lowest amount) and as I said, the intention was to raise some money to spread the message of the impending catastrophic disaster, which will be striking the world in November, 2011. It is therefore not true that, I was collecting that money as gate fee to heaven, as the article portrayed,” he said.

    He also disagreed with Prophet Kankam of the Freedom Fighters Fellowship for describing him as a fraudster who should be arrested by the Police. He said, he is not a fraudster and has never engaged himself in any fraudulent act, saying, his records are there for all to see.

    “What Prophet Kankam does not know about me is that, apart from my prophetic office, I also own a manufacturing company and for over 20 years, I have been exporting my wares to countries abroad and I use the greater part of my profit to support the needy in the society. For example, I have been supporting orphans, head porters (Kayayei), schools in deprived communities as well as helping market women especially at Agbogbloshie, (Accra suburb)in literacy programmes”.

    “It should be noted that, when I first came out to announce the catastrophic message, Prophet Kankam told me that, because I was deceiving the general public, I will die together with my wife and children on June 4 this year. We are now in the month of September, but my family and I are still alive. The public is the best judge,” he intimated.

    Prophet Anamoah stated categorically that, the revelation that God is going to strike the world with a catastrophic disaster in November, this year is true and would surely come to pass, saying, it is important therefore, that people believe the message and prepare seriously, for the outcome.

    “What people should know is that, this is not the first time such a disaster will be striking the world. It happened in Noah’s time in which 24 billion people perished. It also happened in Sodom and Gomorrah and a city called Jericho. The fourth and last one is about to happen in our time, in November this year”.

    “What is worthy of notice, is that, in all the aforementioned disasters that struck the world and which are confirmed in the Holy Bible, the people in those times, did not believe the message of the impending disaster when the prophets of their time revealed it to them and therefore, never prepared and all perished”.

    “That disbelieve, leading to unnecessary self-destruction, is what I want to prevent, hence, my coming out to warn the world to believe and prepare, for the disaster”, he disclosed.

    The leader of the Machaira Community Church noted that the signs of the imminent disaster are everywhere and it is being experienced in Japan, Australia, America and even Ghana, where flood recently hit many parts of the country including the North, where it has naturally been known to be a dry land.

    “The truth is that, if I do not speak about the impending disaster, then among all the prophets, I will be the worst one. The question therefore, is, why did God reveal the message to me?” he asked.

    “Everybody should take what I am saying seriously and get prepared. When November comes and God, in His own wisdom and infinite mercies, decides to stop the disaster from occurring, in order to save us, we will be the better for it. That will be better than not believing and not preparing, like the generations of Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah and Jericho which got destroyed, due to their disbelieve of the message, when it was delivered to them and therefore failed to prepare and perished when the disaster struck as prophesied”.

    Source: Ghana Palaver/Ghana
    Agent Provocateur

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    Ok. Thanks for the heads up

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    statistics are what other people have chosen to make real.

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    looooooooooooool. Right on..
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