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    Some mothers have a hard time letting go. When it comes to their sons, especially if they only have one, they can get a little possessive. They may have a hard time thinking that there is someone out there suitable for their perfect angel. Listed below are ten reasons no girl is good enough for mamma's boy.

    They Are Protective. Many moms are worried about their sons getting hurt, and they want to protect them. This instinct can kick in if they see a girl or woman that they do not think is right for their son, and it can cause a multitude of problems.

    They Are Afraid of Ulterior Motives. If the boy comes from a wealthy family, the mom may be afraid that any girl that is interested in him is only interested in the family money. If the mother experienced the same problem, she may be even more prone to dissuade the relationships.

    He's An Only Child. With only having one child, a mother has more time and energy to focus on just him. This can make her more possessive of him and his time.

    Competition. She may feel as she has to compete with other women to get her son's attention. After all, she spent all that time being the only woman in his life.

    Out Ranked. She may be worried about being outranked by a girlfriend or wife. She probably feels that she is the only one who can take care of him and that no one else can do it better.

    She's a Control Freak. Some women feel as though they need to be in control at all times. She may feel she has to make all decisions, and if one is made without her then it is automatically wrong.

    She's Afraid of Being Alone. If the mother is not married, and only has her son left with her at home, she may not like anyone interested in him for fear that she will be left alone.

    She May Be Stuck Up. This one usually goes along with being wealthy, but doesn't necessarily have to. Unfortunately, there are still people out there who believe in a class system. She may feel that their family is better than any others and will not like anyone her son brings home.

    They Were Raised That Way. They may have grown up hearing from their fathers that no one was good enough for their little girl, so they are passing that onto the next generation.

    History of Bad Decisions. She may feel as though her son does not make good decisions, period. If she doesn't trust his decisions in general, she will likely not trust him to make good decisions in women either; therefore, she will not like anyone he brings home.

    Mamma's boys can be hard to date, as they tend to have mothers who feel like no one is good enough for their child. The waters can be difficult to navigate, and sometimes even torturous. Mother may know best, but when it comes to the affairs of the heart; she is better off letting her son make his own decisions, and even if that means making his own mistakes.

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    Mamma's boys can be hard to date, as they tend to have mothers who feel like no one is good enough for their child.
    Some guys dont also know when to be men and stop being mama's baby boys and thats where some of the issues generate from. I know it is hard but some men just dont know that at a point in time, they need to let go of mama's apron strings and be independent.

    Try to stand on your own two feet, it will be quite beneficial.
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    Some women also don't know where to draw the line. They play mama instead of lover.
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