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Thread: My brother in law is my baby's daddy

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    Default My brother in law is my baby's daddy

    Hello Mama Zimbi, my name is Gloria and I have been married to my husband for 6years now. We do not have any child because when we first married he said that he was not ready yet. But he has impregnated another lady beside me. He doesn’t mind me and has refused to have sex with me 7months now. Out of that, his junior brother who happens to be my age mate and a close friend of mine came in to offer me comfort and advised me but out of the blue we found ourselves having sex. This secret affair happened once about three weeks ago and I am now three weeks pregnant but nobody knows. I have been feeling so bad and ashamed. Please advise me as to what to do.

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    you hav to tell ur husband and tell him how u feel.

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    First off..dont try terminating the pregnancy, even though how it came about is not right. Secondly, talk to your husband about it.....you dont want to wait for the pregnancy to start showing and questions being asked.

    The earlier you do it the better for you and everyone involved.
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