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Thread: How to seduce a lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default How to seduce a lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To seduce or entice a woman to become your lover, or at least to become interested in you, requires that she at first considers you are her type of man.

    Seduction is both intimate and individual to each persons tastes, needs and wants. To be able to know exactly what it takes to seduce one particular woman you need to know her pretty well.

    There are, however, certain aspects to seducing a woman which are universal and so may help you with your endeavors!

    1. Be confident.

    Confidence can be very sexy whereas a tense or lazy attitude can be as attractive as a damp, limp handshake.

    2. Find the right level for your woman.

    By this I mean try to establish how proactive she would like you to be. While some women will respond favorably to a full on approach, others will be horrified, so you need to be able to accurately judge this in-order to impress, rather than scare away the woman of your choice.

    Knowing whether to charge straight into a big seduction with huge bunches of roses, chocolates and love letters or to hang back a little and begin with a smile and then slowly build up your level of involvement with a woman, can be the key to seducing her.

    3. Body language.

    Take you cues on how to behave by being observant of a woman's body language. If she is smiling, playing with her hair, has her feet facing you or is sat with her shoe playfully hanging partly off of her ankle, she's probably open to you making a move.

    If she has her arms crossed, her feet facing away from you and keeps looking at her watch, keep away as she's not interested!

    4. Music.

    Most women like music and can be aroused with the right person when the right music she likes is playing.

    For this to work you will need to have done some groundwork first and to know what music turns her on.

    You will also need to have established some kind of relationship first. Simply blaring out 'The Lady in Red' through your speakers to just any woman you are taking a passing fancy to, is unlikely to do the trick.

    5. Make a fuss.

    women like to be made to feel special and to know they have been singled out from other women as being the very best in your eyes.

    So to seduce a woman it can help to make a fuss of her and to pay her special attention. This may mean making some genuine and heartfelt compliments. It may mean being especially observant of her likes and dislikes and remembering them so she knows you think enough of her to notice these things. It could mean treating her to a fancy night out, or a romantic stroll in the park with a picnic at the end of it.

    6. Make her laugh.

    This is not absolutely necessary, so if you are not naturally funny then don't force yourself. But if you are a humorous person and can see the amusing side of life, you can use this to your advantage as most women love to be made to laugh.

    When a woman has laughed with you she remembers that encounter in a positive way that made her feel good, and she then associates that feeling with you.
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    When all else fails......

    ...... wank

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    Quote Originally Posted by syc View Post
    When all else fails......

    ...... wank
    Lol Syc. Sacristo pretty good points there. I hope to implement them soon.

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