The Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) is considering undertaking consultations with Ghanaians living abroad, as part of its consultative strategy to obtain information on the constitutional review.

The Executive Secretary of the CRC, Dr Raymond Atuguba, told the Daily Graphic that the exercise was still under consideration but preliminary investigations by the CRC showed that three million Ghanaians lived in Cote d’Ivoire; two million lived in the United Kingdom and 1.5 million lived in the United States, and 1.5 million in Burkina Fasso making a total of 7.5 million.

“Ghana’s voters register has about 12.5 million Ghanaians; should we leave out 7.5 million people in the process?” Dr Atuguba queried.

He said the CRC was of the view that with such large numbers of Ghanaians living outside, the constitutional review process would not be credible unless a process was found to engage them in the exercise.

On the reasons why the CRC held in-camera sessions with the National House of Chiefs, Dr Atuguba explained that the CRC’s sittings were governed by rules pertaining to Commissions of Enquiry.

In line with that the Commission of Enquiry Practice and Procedure, (Constitutional Instrument 2010), (CI65) permitted the variation of how consultations with witnesses to the commission was done if there was the need.

He said the commission consulted the National House of Chiefs in camera in order to make chiefs comfortable enough to express their views freely.

He indicated that a recording was made of proceedings and that would be transcribed and presented as the official position of chiefs at the consultation.

He said that was also to forestall different interpretations being put on what was said at the consultations.

Dr Atuguba added that in-camera sittings would also be held for ex-presidents John Agyekum Kufuor and Jerry John Rawlings, the Speaker of Parliament, Justice Bamford Addo, the former Speaker and the Chief Justice.

Daily Graphic