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Thread: GFA And GLO Sponsorship Money Saga Getting Ugly

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    Default GFA And GLO Sponsorship Money Saga Getting Ugly

    Officials of Mid Sea Company Limited, the company named by the Ghana Football Association (GFA) as the agent that acted on its behalf to negotiate the Glo sponsorship deal, have dared the GFA to name the persons that represented the company in the said deal.

    A source close to the Directors of the company, in reaction to the GFA’s claim that Mid Sea acted on its behalf and had so far been paid $450,000 as part of its 10 per cent commission, has asked the FA to produce the contract that sealed the deal as that will help unravel the mystery surrounding the agency fee payment.

    At a press conference last Friday, president of the GFA, Kwesi Nyantakyi, insisted that Mid Sea acted as the FA’s agent, for which it had been paid, and went on to indicate that officials of the company would soon come out publicly to clear the air and put the issue to rest.

    However, the source who spoke to the Graphic Sports at the weekend said: “I think it’s just appropriate that the GFA makes publicly available copies of the contract that legalised the deal.

    It is important to know who the signatories were, and if indeed, they were officials of Mid Sea, or some faceless persons since we have not in any way dealt with, for, or on behalf of the GFA.

    “ So far as we are concerned, none of the directors has either dealt with Mr Rernald Williams or received any monies from the GFA as the association’s press conference sought to indicate, and it will do everyone some good if the facts are laid bare,” the source, obviously upset by what was happening, told the Graphic Sports.

    She stressed that the company, registered as a construction firm, had not in any way dealt with the GFA, for or on its behalf, so it was mind-boggling how its name came up in an issue that “was clearly out of our line of operation and which we absolutely had no knowledge about.”

    Asked why Mid Sea’s name would pop up from among the countless list of companies registered in the country, the director answered:

    “ That is the mystery we are also trying to unravel. We hope to come out with a statement in the coming days after we have completed our own investigations on the issue,” she assured.

    At the press conference last Friday, the GFA President explained that Mid Sea was brought on board as the agent when the company which was acting in that capacity, Afrisat, representing the defunct Gateway Broadcasting Services (GBS), folded up.

    GBS, a pay-per-view television station, was given the media rights by the GFA and Afrisat, managing GBS’s production unit, became agents when talks between Glo and the GFA began.

    With GBS going bankrupt and folding up and Afrisat no longer wielding the power to operate, Mid Sea was brought on board to complete the negotiations and, when the deal was sealed, was to be paid the 10 per cent commission of the $3million-a-year for the five years deal.

    Mr Nyantakyi expressed the hope that once Mid Sea spoke on the issue and revealed all the details as it acted as the GFA’s agent, all the facts would be laid bare, the truth known and the matter effectively put to rest.

    He said the GFA was unable to make further comments other than what he had revealed because it was the agent that had all the details needed to clear all doubts.

    Efforts to reach Mr Williams, the man who fronted for Afrisat and GBS and whose name had come up in this issue, had been fruitless.

    Daily Graphic
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    Something dirty is happening in the corridors of the GFA,a probe is called for ASAP.

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