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Thread: Felix Owusu Returns

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    Default Felix Owusu Returns

    certainly was a joy for followers of highlife artiste Felix Owusu when he appeared on TV3’s Music Music last Saturday.

    Why? He has been away for so long and seeing him back on stage churning out some of his hits was a great relief.

    When Showbiz caught up with him yesterday via telephone, Felix was more than willing to let us in on what he has been up to all this while.

    “I have been in the US, Atlanta Georgia for the past 10 years playing gigs and doing small business.

    I am back home to promote my latest album Sika Ye and also take care of family.”

    Felix is relying on his management team to take care of his promotion and just as he has started, he intends to use the media to make all the noise he can for his latest work.

    Felix has nine albums to his credit including the new one. Some of the other albums are Vida, E-Show Me, Forever Love, Mensu, Bra and Waben.

    According to Felix, E-Show Me remains his biggest album yet. It carries the very popular Okwantuni and other hit songs.

    Touching on his latest album, Felix said he has eleven songs on the album — the title track Sika Ye, Come Try Me, Odo Ye De, You See Me featuring Castro, a remix of Waben featuring US-based Kwame Dollar and Kay Rocks among others.

    Felix started as a highlife musician and obviously, he is sticking to that genre, “that is my style, I have always been a highlife artiste and will continue to be one,” he said.

    He has played with bands like Osabarima, Alor, Mag 2, Sappers and Western Diamonds and also as a solo artiste.

    Asked to describe himself, Felix put it this way, “I am a singer, a businessman, a family man and a Christian.

    He is married to Louisa Owusu and blessed with three boys — Dennis 20, Captain 8 and Bo, 6.

    Sample some of his past works :
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    I used to chill with this guy way back before he went into the music business. Takoradi,Harborview it was back then.

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