Why Africans and for that matter, the so called highly educated Nana Addo doesn't get it into his skull head? The station has a precedence set since they denied Atta Mills on the same grounds, so after all, you agreed to pay the money isn't what the station is all about, but rather on the ground that does not violate its ethiquettes.

First of all, Nana Addo "thank you tour" has some clouds behind it or let me put it this way, it is a smoking gun. I don't really care about his raison d'etre of his visit, but when there is an SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) in place of every office, this should be respected, but not viewed as a political vendetta or some sort of intimidation. This cannot score any political point unless those who have same feathers.

This is a simple and plain policy: The station is deemed right not to let him spew his divisionism ideology on the halcyon community's minds. I'm sure Nana Addo is a lawyer and should be in position to stop Volta Region's NPP chairman to speak about it on Joy Fm because this is something that will leave a vaccum in his quest for support from the region.

Money doesn't buy all things but should rather be a need basis. Finally, policy is a policy and regardless of who or what you are it affects you. This is not a campaign period where candidates can go on state run radio stations and make their cases.