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Thread: Gaddafi is the Most Stupid man of All Kinds

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    Thumbs up Gaddafi is the Most Stupid man of All Kinds

    If you read news over the internet or let me be specific here on BBC website (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-11139345, 31 August 2010 Last updated at 12:47 GMT, you would notice that Gaddafi is calling on European countries to pay Libya an amount of $3-4 billions a year to stop black Africans entry, citing that if Europe doesn't pay his country the amount, they risk to become black Europe.

    Analyzing his speech, I see it as offensive, ridiculous, and pathetic, yet these African leaders still worship him as if he is the African Godfather. What do you think we need to do here or do you believe that Gaddafi should be talking on behalf of Africans? Is he really someone to be associated with? I'm going to leave that to all of you to discuss..

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    He has been tolerated by the mickey mouse African leaders for too long. Time to silence this mofo. Ghanaians and other Africans for that matter have been treated like rodents in Lybia to the extent of some losing their lives after humiliation and torture yet Africa remains silent expecting Europeans to come and play God in our affairs.
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    I couldn't agree more...

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