Anytime I hear the voice of Kofi Totobi Quakyi on the airwaves, I feel a squirm. He is a great embarrassment not only to himself but to his family and the NDC party be belongs to. The man is simply an embodiment of lies and deception. He will soon surpass the notorious Blay Mieza, the greatest conman Ghana ever produced.

I met Kofi Totobi Quakyi the first time, since leaving school, in Washington DC somewhere between 2002 and 2003, when the NPP just took over the reign of government in Ghana and started hounding functionaries of the previous regime. I heard the news about is ailing health before I finally met the supposedly ailing man in the company of my wife and two other friends. He claimed he was having problems with his kidney and was receiving dialysis.

I have known this man since our days at the University of Cape Coast. I decided to assist not because of what he told us, but because of our longstanding association. Behind the scenes I donated undisclosed amounts of money towards his purported medical bills and others did same. I am aware the Washington DC chapter of the NDC made enormous contributions towards the upkeep of a comrade in need all in the spirit of camaraderie or solidarity.

Indeed, this continued for a while.

My understanding was that the man was broke and could not even afford rent in Washington DC whenever he visited for his dialysis. What can you do for a former mate, a friend, and a party member? I personally did my best to ensure that this man was comfortable and receive the best of care he could.

The interesting point is that this man who was broke beyond redemption and could not afford dialysis without the help of friends, party members and other benevolent donors all of a sudden could send two of his children to Ivy League institutions in the United States within a year after the NDC took office. My last check at the Alpert Medical School, Brown University in the US puts the cost of yearly tuition at US$43, 064 excluding exigencies. It is even higher at Columbia University where the second son is heading this fall. Atta-Mills should quiz Totobi Quakyi where he got the money to send his children to those institutions, when all my checks revealed none of them has won a scholarship to study in those institutions.

It is even suspicious the manís kidney problems have also ceased as soon as the NDC regained power.

But with all these, they turn around and tell their countrymen that John Evans Atta-Millís government is only less than two years old and there is not much he can do to alleviate the suffering of their countrymen. I have watched the so-called foot soldiers of the party labored day and night to bring the NDC back to power for only these greedy bastards who have no sense of remorse or shame to hijack for their selfish gains.

Let it be known today that Kofi Totobi Quaky is a conman, but he should take note that we donít play tricks with our health. He can bamboozle Ghanaians and spend their tax money to educate his children in expensive Ivy League institutions on the blindside of the blind professor, but for his own health, he should not play games with it. I wish he could refund my contributions to me.

Dan Asamoah
Washington DC