The Ghana Football Association has dismissed allegations being leveled against the sport body of an over-payment of commission to an agency involved in the sponsorship deal for the Glo Premier League.

This week it was reported that an agency - Mid Sea Company Limited - had been paid $1 million representing 15% for brokering the deal signed two seasons ago that saw Glo Mobile Ghana become the premier league's sponsor.

But President of the FA, Kwesi Nyantakyi confirmed that an agency facilitated the deal on behalf of the sport body and stated that the commission paid was $450,000 representing 10% of the $4.5 million minus taxation contrary to the 15% speculated by in media.

"The Ghana Football Association has a running contract with Glo and that contract is for five seasons. We have done two seasons already and we are in the third season.

"The league is due to start this weekend and the issue of an agency and commission have become matters of public interest.

"What I can confirm is that there was an agent in the deal and the transaction was done above board. There was nothing shrouded in secrecy. The FA and all the Clubs were informed about it," Kwesi Nyantakyi told the media in Accra on Friday.

"The commission is 10% and that commission was an improvement over the previous sponsorship deals where commissions paid were 15%. This one was negotiated to 10%.

"After submitting the proposals to the Clubs and the Executives, concerns were raised that the commission payable should be reviewed. And the concerns were taken back to the agent and he duly agreed and complied with it."

The Ghana Football Association also explained that it had weighed all the options and decided to continue with Glo Mobile Ghana even though the telecommunication operator has delayed the payment of sponsorship fees as contained in portions of the contract.

"I would like to confirm that we have had a few difficulties with our sponsor regarding payments.

"We've had some discussions and follow ups and a repayment plan was submitted to the FA which was discussed by the Executive Committee and the clubs and duly approved by all stakeholders.

"Unfortunately, we haven't received the first tranche which was suppose to be made in August. Our information is that Glo is working around the corner to ensure that payment is made as soon as possible.

"The second tranche for last year's payment would be due in January next year and the last tranche would be due in April. But we've also been informed that the payment for the sponsorship fee for this coming season would be made in December. All this plans are known to the Executives and the Clubs and we have agreed. Unfortunately, due to internal challenges confronting Glo itself, they've not been able to pay the money as expected. But we are hopeful that we should get this money sooner than later."


Meanwhile GLO's ambassador will be holding a press conference on Monday to throw more light on the falacy in the GFA's claims. One Man Supporter as he is affectionately called stated in an earlier radio interview that he brokered the sponsorship deal for the FA and as such did not ask for any percentage of the deal in return from the FA. So how did the "third party" agent come into the fold ?

The entire Ghanaian soccer loving populace awaits his press conference on Monday.