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Thread: How Do I keep Her?

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    Default How Do I keep Her?

    About five years ago I fell in love with a girl whose guardians -maternal aunt and husband- objected to our relationship.

    She left to Sweden on an exchange programme two years ago and has decided to stay on after the course.

    We have remained in touch though. She phoned two weeks ago to inform me that she wants us to get married and so I should start planning towards it.

    I love her and she perfectly fits into my idea of an ideal woman but I am financially handicapped since I just finished my national service and am now hunting for a job.

    What should I do or tell her to ensure that she remains mine?

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    Q' lypse


    yeah, she will be yours like a car is yours. She is property alright. Now human beings are owned for love, love owns. Ok

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    First off, dont lie to her about your condition now because if she finally finds out the truth, you will be at the loosing end. Let her know the truth about your current living conditions and the state of "your pocket". If you two have still been talking even though her guardians were against it, I believe then that she loves you.

    Let her in on your handicapped situation and if she is bound to be yours, you two will come to an understanding about it. If not then be prepared to let her go and move on. Dont lie to her because you will have to face the repercussions of the lie.
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    you shd tell her u r not at the moment financially stable and she shd give u some time.

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