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Thread: Faure Gnassingbe heads to court over girl friend tussle allegations

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    Default Faure Gnassingbe heads to court over girl friend tussle allegations

    Togo President Faure Gnassingbe has sued a newspaper which reported that he has snatched the girl friend of striker Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor.

    The paper Le D’Independent Express in its 22 June, 2010 edition alleged the tussle between the high profile personalities over the girl is the reason for Adebayor’s early retirement from international football.

    Ebo Godwin BBC correspondent in Togo says the president feels scandalized by the reportage and is seeking legal redress.

    According to him, it is the first time the Togolese President has taken to the law courts despite several damning newspaper allegations against him.

    He intimated further the Manchester City striker is also heading to the courts over the same matter.

    Adebayor announced his decision to retire from the Togolese National team following the shooting incident in Angola during the 2010 Nations Cup in February.

    Story by Nathan Gadugah

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    Couldn't this clown use the nation's resources in developing infrastructure for Togo or addressing the issues of poverty,education,health and the like instead of playing into the hands of journalists ? I can bet my bottom dollar his attorney fees will be paid by the tax payer.
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    True Pope. I believe there is no smoke without fire. He may have made some moves on Adebayor's woman just like his late father who took others wives and girlfriends. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

    Togoleses nationals have lived under fear for too long under his father's regime,now they have the luxury of openly showing their displeasure through the press and this block head daddy's boy wants to sue.

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