Hi Newspaper has had firsthand exclusive preview of a video that features 7 of Ghana's hottest rappers that would be aired at this year's BET Hip hop Awards.

Known as BET Cifer (Cipher), it is an annual ritual for American TV Station, BET, to do a video of upcoming rappers that is aired during their Hip Hop Awards.

It usually serves as a recruitment tool for producers and agents who made contact the featured artistes afterwards. Usually American rappers and other living in the US feature on it, for the first time, African rappers would be shown.

The artistes who featured in the video are D Black, Sarkodie, Tinny, Ayigbe Edem, Kweku T, Baby Gee and Reggie Rockstone. Hiplife Godfather, Reggie Rockstone, who showed the video to Hi Newspaper later told us that, BET has been following the Ghana rap scene for some time and has seen some talent here, “also one of the heads of the BET Awards was a former classmate in the States who has seen my progress and decided to contact me for Africa's first cifer.”, says Rockstone

The freestyle video was shot with the stage name Magnificent 7 and lasts for about 4 minutes. Reggie Rockstone who chose the artistes on the cifer said he chose each artiste to represent a different language or topography of rappers used in Ghana.

In the video, Rockstone is the only artiste in African print, spotting a boubou. “I wore that to show something African knowing very well that all the other artiste would be wearing T-Shirts and other Western attires. Tinny spotted a black T-Shirt with the inscription “Live fast or Die Young.” Sarkodie spotted a customized Konvict cardigan, Ayigbe Edem wore a “The Last Two” branded T-Shirt and Baby Gee, the only girl in the group, also wore a black Cardigan over a white T-Shirt.

In Rockstone's rap, he made reference to the history of hip hop and the fact that top artistes like Jay Zee has at point in their lives visited Ghana. He also mentioned Hiplife as his wife whose children he loved and gave prop to legendary American rapper, Guru.

He explained that, he deliberately did that to prove that there are people in Ghana who know what rap music is and who understand rap. He also believed doing that would make people take the other rappers serious.

Top American rappers who have featured on a cifer include Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Black Thought, Papoose, Ace hood, Cassidy, fabulous, Jadakiss etc.