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Thread: The story of Chidinma

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    Default The story of Chidinma

    The story of Chidinma has been circulating round social networks and blackberries since yesterday. The story below:

    I am Chidinma from one of the Eastern States, If You are reading this, then I would have given up the Ghost by now and this is my story.

    Please don't judge me but pass on this confession. It may save lives of innocent young girls like me & help better our wicked economy that steals even from the poor. Myself and six (6) of my friends are into modern day prostitution popularly called RUNZ. We service top politicians, Musicians and Businessmen for a very good pay (#350,000)-- Politicians fee pay outing. These men don't use condom on us(of course with such money you don't have a say) they draw our blood with syringe and test in their private lab to check our HIV status before sleeping with us. I had dealings with the doctor who was paid #2million per- show. He reliably asked me to quit that our blood was being taken(after the tests) to their occultic coven to enslave and use us for rituals.

    Of Course, I had no cause to argue when 4 out of 7 of us died mysteriously, 1 raving mad, and I am in the hospital with an illness that has no name or cure....the last of us is still missing till date. pls this is not a game or story, Check your sisters and friends those whom needle holes are in their hands are into it. At a point, we became so many (Runz girls) that we have to embark on diabolical/juju means to be amongst the chosen ones that will be selected when there is a party. For 350,000k who wouldn't? I don't repeat clothes, I have 7 phones, 16 different lines some of which I chew the sim after using....Cars, 3 houses in Lagos and 12 million naira in my account...etc...None of which can cure me. Vanity upon vanity, I pray to God for my soul....Pls pass this on to save a girls life, You dont see your family everyday, Your family member of friend may be a victim...God Forbid. Send and spread this message to save someone today. God guide You....This is Chidinma's Story.

    Phew, This was the content of a BB broadcast message that was widely spread today and became a major talking point....Most pple joked about it but Methinks...trate of sexual immorality i n this country is alarming...Fuelled by the harsh Economic times, Our Girls sell theemselves at every opportunity to willing men....Something has to be done

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    keep'em coming aj and thanks for sharing
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    The choices people make these days is mind boggling. i hope our sisters are paying attention and learning from stories of this nature.

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    hmmm....strange and weird things happening in our world.......SMH
    Stop Judging me by YOUR standards and way of life....MINE is different

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    Im speechless but not suprised

    all go to the same place ;all come from dust and to the dust all return. who knows if the human spirit rises upward and if the spirit of the animal goes down into the earth?
    ecclesiastes 3:20-21 :-x

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaMeister View Post
    The choices people make these days is mind boggling. i hope our sisters are paying attention and learning from stories of this nature.
    hm, chalay money oo money. it can make u do crazy thins i tell u. wen i found out by accident (reading her text messages) my old fling peddled drugs for her ex boyfrd i was shaking like waa
    When one loses the deep intimate relationship with nature, then temples, mosques and churches become important.
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