Is president Mills constructing or has constructed a Mansion or a house at the Regimanuel Gray Estate? If yes! why not? And what is all about the controversies of political air polution going on in the country?

What is behind the whole issue and why is the media not getting a concrete explanation from our information sectors about the fabrications circulating in the country about the president obtaining a mansion or a house for free from a construction company.

Why should the information ministry be giving different explanations to the whole issue? Is there any secret behind it?

We have been hearing different and contradicting statements from both Koku Anyidoho and Samuel Ablakwa as well as the construction company Regimanuel Gray Limited, who is said to have dashed the president a Mansion.

Personally, If President Mills has up till now not uttered a word about the whole promulgations, for what reason should the NPP general secretary Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie describe president Mills as a hypocrite and a man who can not stand by his words?

According to the NPP general secretary Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, former president Kufour embarked on a similar project when he was in office. My question here will be, if Kufuor did same, why can't Mills too undertake such a project from his own pocket?

It can only sound different and strange if the facility is really for free to Mills from the Regimanuel Gray Ltd. because there can't be any tangible reason whatsoever for a construction company to build a mansion as a token for the president.

Now "what is what and which is which", is it all about a mere political propaganda from the NPP to scoring political points to dragging his opponent NDC government in a mud or there is actually a tincture of truth hidden somewhere which involves a dubious deal?

After all about 99,9% of the Ministers and politicians in Ghana acquired Mansions when they are mandated or appointed to the government.

The polluted air about the whole issue and allegations that the president's Mansion or House is "for free" or from his own pocket must be clean and cleared by the information Ministry.

President Mills said it himself to a project manager when was on projects inspection tour in the Northern Region "We are on air, Ghanaians don't forget so easily, they will come and ask you tomorrow."

Source: FRANCIS TAWIAH (Duisburg - Germany)