The scandal trailing Mercy Johnsonís fiance, Prince Odianosen seems to be getting out of hands, as we learnt that he was never a Prince. In a recent interview, Lovelyís elder sister confirmed it.

She said;

Odianosen was never a Prince; his father got a chieftaincy title in their village, Uromi, Edo State. To confirm this stance, his grandfather was never a king or a title holder. I never knew he bears the name Prince despite our closeness; it was when the issue of Mercy Johnson surfaced that I started hearing Prince Okojie.

There was even a time that I heard that he bears the name Ibrahim, although his parents were members of Christ Chosen Church. I even heard that he said his boy, Harmony wasnít his son. How on earth can that be?

Let him prove it.

Source: Akinnagbe Akintomide/