Hello Bishop Obinim:

I am appalled, chafed, affronted and galled about the interview you granted to a local FM station where you indubitably imprecated a child you allegedly fathered because of your former mistress sinister actions towards you.

Your twisted and convoluted reasoning behind the malediction was, in your own words, to “prove to her that she (Gifty Pokua) cannot destroy the work of God that I was doing because I am not the only man of God who has slept with another woman…That is my way of proving to her that she cannot do what she has done because the relationship we had was some three, four years ago (sic)”.

In the process of proving your mantle to your ex mistress, you came across to the hundreds who read your interview as ignoramus, bereft of sound biblical doctrine. In ministerial terms, you have zeal without knowledge. As ordained minister and a christian, I understand sometimes enemies/opponents of the gospel can indulge in entrapment where private conversations can be leaked to the press for personal aggrandizement and fame. But under no biblical foundation can you cursed a child because her mom (ex- mistress) is allegedly bent on destroying your ministry. I don’t know if the child is crippled or mentally unstable at this point, but I can dispassionately tell you that, the master you claim to serve will hold you duly accountable for this innocent child if any of your so called curses become apparent.

From a psychological point of view, the recent revelations about your character and illicit activities has developed a situation in you brain called Anxiety disorders which is a “mental disorder marked by physiological arousal, feelings of tension, and intense apprehension without apparent reason”. Perhaps you need intensive behavior modification which is the “systematic use of principles of learning to increase the frequency of desired behaviors and/or decrease the frequency of problem behaviors”.

After talking to a host credible pastors who have helped many of the so called “Bishops and Prophets”, the consensus is that you need intensive deliverance and spiritual rehabilitation in the shortest possible time if your ministry is to survive the recent revelations. These can be accomplished by withdrawing from all ministerial activities, and enlisting the help of seasoned pastors to help you in that regard. According to Bishop Agyin, “your recent acts and conduct speaks ill of the ‘calling' of God and is a disgrace to him, a disgrace to his wife and a disgrace to the body of Christ … and that find a secret place, pray and ask God for forgiveness”.

While you are not the first minister to go off tangent, your unguided actions, and the numerous uninformed utterances are symptoms of deeper malaise which need to be cured. My advice to you is to seek help for your mental and spiritual well being from people who can diagnose your malaise and prescribe the right medication: this is because your actions can have civil and criminal consequences.

In the mean time I pray that Yeshua (to Him be all praise and glory) grants you holistic deliverance and spiritual sanity for his name sake, and the sake of all your gullible followers. Maranatha!!!

In His precious blood. mantea1@gmail.com Kwadwo Mante (PhD)


Source: Dr. Kwadwo Mante is freshly minted PhD. He is a Corporate Finance and Public Health expert based in the US. He can be reached at mantea1@gmail.com.