Bishop Daniel Obinimís junior pastor whose wife he repeatedly slept with for years has said his former boss seduced his wife using evil powers.

According to the Pastor, his wife had been following Obinim like a dog, responding to his every call without reasoning.

Pastor William Fobih was speaking in an interview with Kwame Sefa Kayi on Peace FMís Kokrokoo programme Thursday.

He claimed that contrary to what Bishop Obinim had been saying, his wife, Gifty, had never met Obinim until the day he [Fobih] took her to greet Obinim. He said Obinim took the ladyís number in his presence, promising to contact her and pray for her.

Pastor Fobih said Obinim started playing the role of a spoiler instead of a counselor and his wife fell for his pranks thereby becoming Obinimís lover.

Fobih, who claimed that Obinim blessed their marriage, said his wife one day informed him she had been sleeping with the Bishop for a while but that she did not understand why she could not stop following him. Fobih added that he never caught his wife and Obinim together but that she came confessing.

About 3-months ago, he narrated; Obinim called Gifty on phone and asked her to meet him somewhere because he had something for her. When she went, the Bishop slept with her even though she was menstruating and gave her GHS1,000 and cornflakes.

She came home crying and showed me the gifts as evidence of her claims, Fobih added.

He said he wasnít surprised that Obinim has openly admitted he was behind the misfortune that has befallen his one-and-a-half-year-old daughter who cannot walk and has psychological problems.

Fobih vowed never to seek help from Obinim - who is demanding the the childís mother apologises for disgracing him Ė in treating his daughter.

He was hopeful there are pastors in the country whose powers are genuinely from God and who can heal the innocent child.

As to whether he believed Bishop Obinim was a real man of God, Fobih declined comments asking Ghanaians to judge for themselves.

Commenting on the issue, Ursula Owusu of the New Patriotic Party, wondered why Obinim has followers and asked them to be wise and judge for themselves whether he could lead them spiritually.

She however noted that it was impossible for Fobih and his wife to take legal action against Obinim because the courts thrive on evidence but that there was no way to prove he crippled the child spiritually.

Ursula consoled the family, asking them to trust in the healing power of God and to continue seeking medical help.

She also called on pastors in the country to join hands and free the innocent child from bondage.