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Thread: The Growth of Cloud Computing

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    Default The Growth of Cloud Computing

    No less than two years ago Cloud Computing was viewed as an unnecessary innovation that would never truly reach mainstream prominence. However, with companies such as Google rolling out a series of laptops based solely around the concept and more and more businesses moving to technologies based around the cloud it is becoming more and more necessary for people to at least have a basic understanding.

    What Is Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing at its most basic level involves using remote servers to store and process data rather than a local machine. Often, this means the local machine simply connects to those servers remotely via the Internet and directs the process. In this way the process resembles the precipitation cycle with the remote server being the metaphorical cloud and information entering and leaving it being water evaporating, hence the name. The difference between this and the standard client/server model is that with Cloud Computing it is not quite clear what hardware the server is actually being hosted on and in theory does not matter.


    The primary advantage of Cloud Computing is flexibility. If an organization moves all their processes to a remote server they will not have to reinstall and reconfigure said services again and may access them from any computer that has the Internet. For global businesses that are a too small to have a local server set up and a separate Information Technology department the options presented can be inexpendible.

    The Growth of Cloud Computing

    Despite earlier speculation that Cloud Computing was something of a fad, late 2010 and 2011 saw a sudden growth with organizations and individuals adopting cloud based server technologies. Organizations such as Amazon have created large scale services that offer general server architecture at very low prices with an ease of set up that is difficult to compete with. This has even seen private video game servers being hosted via Amazon's cloud services. Furthermore, various organizations have begun to emerge offering niche cloud services such as dropbox, which simply allows a virtual, shared, hard drive to be shared by many. Furthermore, Google's release of the Chromebook series of laptops moves the entire Desktop system onto Google's Application Engine. This means that all the laptop itself does is run a browser from which files can be accessed via the Internet. The advantage here is that cutting down on hardware means a longer battery life, yet still strong processing power.


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    Cloud computing is the latest technology that including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), (PaaS) and SaaS that use the Internet for delivering the services to the user.

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    Cloud Computing is software that is used for delivering the various services to the clients like email, data storage, chat etc.

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    Cloud computing is an technology that used by mankind which is easily usable by a man with no computer knowledge. It also gives a feature of data security...!!

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