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Thread: UNTOLD BLACK HISTORY: "Blacks" were the 1st Americans

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    Default UNTOLD BLACK HISTORY: "Blacks" were the 1st Americans

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    Quophi Aletse


    anyways not to take anything away from the narrator's or producer of the video's intensive research...all i will say is that someone can also come with intensive on point evidence to disprove or prove otherwise .....

    i know the narrator did not make any references or implications on black superiority or anything along those line but im very much familiar and seen it too often with the road, such videos and topic threads on --> black supremacist/white supremacist/inferior/superior notions ....

    other than that ..... very good informative video neo .....this one and the black chinese one

    anyways what i good from this video and the other video on black chinese is that we are all one.....we are all human beings!

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    History was written by those who endured and survived. Often tainted by half-truths and misinformation to solidify their rule. Nice to have researchers uncover historical gems that otherwise would have been lost due to supremacist agenda.

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    Q' lypse


    hhm, 3den oo

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