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    The 35-year-old man wanted by police for recording several hot rounds of sex he had with Ghanaian girls, is believed to be hiding at Tiafa in Accra, News-One has gathered.

    The man, Alfred Acheson, fled Bekwai about three weeks ago after copies of the video leaked and he has since been on the police’s wanted list.

    Persons who telephoned News-One offices last Friday and Saturday reported that they had sighted Alfred Acheson at an area known as Burkina at Taifa in the Greater Accra region and that they were able to identify him because his photographs have been published by a number of print media houses.

    According to the callers, Alfred still has his pot belly and was wearing a round cap with sunglasses but had shaved the small goatee he was wearing in the photos.

    It is not yet known whether Acheson has started another series of sex recordings at his new hideout. He is a specialist in Information Technology who prides himself as a ‘burger’, meaning he stayed and worked overseas for some time.

    High Demand for Video
    Meanwhile, several persons are still requesting to watch the said video recording. The few persons who have also seen the video have expressed utter shock at the conduct of Archeson and the fact that he had sex with about 15 different ladies without using condom or any form of protection.

    All persons who have watched the video have concluded that indeed the ladies, except one, were very much aware that the sex was being recorded. One of them even told Archeson that she had big buttocks so he should make sure they were captured in the video.

    Peace FM & American Dollars
    In one of the video recordings, Archeson and his sex partner were listening to Peace 104.3 Fm’s Kokrokoo Morning show, hosted by Kwami Sefa Kayi. While they were having sex, they had switched on a radio set from which the voice of the Kokrokoo guys could be heard reviewing the morning papers. The famous ‘Aha Y3 Peace’ jingle could also be heard being played.

    In another video, Archeson, while bonking the lady, received a phone call and gave the phone to the lady. From their conversation, it was clear that the caller on the other side was to send the lady some money. After the call, she was heard telling Archeson that $17 was too small an amount but Archeson replied that the figure was okay.

    All this while, he was bonking hard.

    Source: News one

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    Is the informant sure he/she didn't identify the perp by his "curved ---- and extraordinary pot belly" ?
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