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Thread: Top Ghanaian Actresses In Sex Tape

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    Default Top Ghanaian Actresses In Sex Tape

    It has happened again. Another sex scandal has rocked Ghana’s film Industry. Sex episodes that were secretly recorded on video are out, and sources say it would soon be released on the internet for the public to watch for a fee.

    It involves three of Ghana’s finest female actors- the finest you can ever think of- having sex with a Nigerian business tycoon at a house believed to be in the plush Trassaco Valley in Accra.

    NEWS-ONE has reports that there is a fourth Ghanaian actress involved, but our scouts are yet to confirm this.

    The Nigerian, whose name starts with the letter ‘A’, has a handsome investment in the showbiz industry and stays in a red-painted house at Trassacco Valley in Accra.

    He is believed to be a former US Marine and has ‘enough money to burn’. He is currently touted as an affluent businessman and had a talk-of-the-town party at his Trassaco house during the first week of January this year. His wife is a US-based fashion designer.

    NEWS-ONE gathered that this Nigerian is simultaneously dating the three actresses and though they are friends, they are unaware that all three of them are dating one man.

    In one of the videos, he was seen having a doggy-style sex with one of the actresses, who had bent half way with her two hands pressed on a wall.

    She is a light-skinned lady and daughter of a well known musician who is not a Christian.

    This actress is rumoured to have had a romantic relationship with a celebrated sports person. Reports are that on December 31st of last year, she was spotted in Nigeria, partying with the Nigerian.

    She underwent the hardest drill as she could be heard virtually panting for breath. It is not clear if her estranged relationship with her former boyfriend had anything with this sex video.

    The second actress in the video is a chocolate-skinned lady who likes keeping long hair. Her face is on a several giant-sized bill boards dotted all over Accra.

    She was recently rumored to have broken up with the father of her son. The tall lady with charming cat-like eyes was also captured in various sex positions trying hard to satisfy her ‘man’.

    The third actress, daughter of a Christian leader, is comparatively a new face in the industry and became popular mainly after appearing in a movie that talks about love, abortion and ghosts. She is not a tall person.

    That movie is a new one and the CDs are not too hard to come by. Analysts of the video say the girls seemed to be unaware that their sexual bouts were being recorded.
    Stay-tuned for a ringside account of the historic clip, extracts of which unconfirmed reports say, are being saved for a book.

    Source: News-One Investigative Story

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    In situations like such, we don't just have to read posts, we need the video evidence.

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