Picture of Mexican soccer player Andrés Guardado having cybersex

Barely a month after helping Mexico win the Gold Cup, Andrés Guardado is already at the centre of a media storm over the leaked pornographic snapshots of him that has hit the Internet.The Deportivo La Coruña player has been caught doing cybersex with "Pau", an Argentine model, and Mexican website TV Notas has collected snapshots after being released by the magazine Nueva.

The scene came hours before the 24-year-old star dubbed El Principito played with the Mexican national team in the semi-final of the Gold Cup.

While staying in a hotel in Texas, Guardado's hormones went berserk in the middle of the night.

Wearing only a pair of black Calvin Klein boxer shorts, the midfielder engaged in cyber-whoopee with "Pau", first playing the "I'll show you mine if you show me yours first" game, and then just sharing his personal release tactics with the model, in front of the hotel room bathroom.

He then thanked the model, promised the model would remain in contact and had been "a pleasure."

But Guardado must've not called her after the game, because "Pau" decided to publish the chat session online.