From right: Leandre, Avetu and Ayiih

Three persons have been arrested for trading in arms at Achimota in Accra.

Two of the suspected gun runners, Frederick Avetu, 31, football administrator, and Cephas Ayiih, a football scout were both arrested around 9pm last Thursday, upon a tip-off.

The Acting Director of Public Affairs at the Police Headquarters, DSP Cephas Arthur, in his narration said upon a tip-off that a group of people were trading in arms at New Achimota near Azuma Nelson’s area, officers were quickly dispatched to the scene.

On arrival, a Toyota Matrix car was spotted near a drinking spot without any occupant.

However, there were four gentlemen seated in a BMW 4X4 vehicle parked close by.

The four were quizzed about their mission at the location but failed to give any tangible answer.

The police then decided to search the car but found nothing implicating in it so they turned their attention to the empty car.

In a bid to know the contents of the Toyota Matrix, the police decided to tow the car away since it was locked.

But before they could do any such thing, Avetu and Ayiih owned up and gave the key to the car to the police.

A spot check revealed two foreign made pistols and two laptop computers. The two were arrested and sent to the Police Headquarters.

Before investigations could begin, one Leandre Ahouanchode, 53, owner of Great Forcas Football Club, popped up and tried to offer police money for the release of the two.

DSP Arthur said he offered the police an amount of $1200, but the money was received as evidence against him and he was arrested.

Meanwhile, the 53-year-old man has been badly beaten by inmates at the Cantonments Police Station, leaving him with a broken mouth, for not having money to ‘pay rent’ in the cell.