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Thread: The World's Most Valuable Sports Teams-Forbes

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    Default The World's Most Valuable Sports Teams-Forbes

    No.1 Manchester United
    Value: $1.86 billion
    Owner: Glazer family

    The Red Devils have 333 million supporters around the world including 17 million fans on Facebook.

    No. 2 Dallas Cowboys
    Value: $1.81 billion
    Owner: Jerry Jones

    Cowboys Stadium has 15,000 club seats that cost $340 for each NFL game.

    No. 3 New York Yankees
    Value: $1.7 billion
    Owner: Steinbrenner family

    The Yankees are worth 86% more than baseball’s second most valuable team, the Boston Red Sox.

    No. 4 Washington Redskins
    Value: $1.55 billion
    Owner: Dan Snyder

    Redskins have been the NFL’s most profitable team over the past decade with an average operating income of $76 million.

    No. 5 Real Madrid
    Value: $1.45 billion
    Owner: club members

    Gross revenue of $537 million, second only to New York Yankees among all sports teams.

    No. 6 New England Patriots

    Value: $1.37 billion
    Owner: Robert Kraft

    Sponsorship revenues were up in 2010 and demand for tickets remains strong despite the highest prices in the league.

    No. 7 Arsenal
    Value: $1.19 billion
    Owner: Stanley Kroenke

    Kroenke also owns the Colorado Avalanche (NHL), Denver Nuggets (NBA) and St. Louis Rams (NFL).

    No. 8 New York Giants
    Value: $1.18 billion
    Owners: John Mara and Steven Tisch

    MetLife is reportedly close to signing a naming rights deal for New Meadowlands Stadium worth up to $18 million per year.

    No. 9 Houston Texans
    Value: $1.17 billion
    Owner: Robert McNair

    The Texans have sold out every game at Reliant Stadium for the past nine years despite posting only one winning season.

    No. 10 New York Jets
    Value: $1.14 billion
    Owner: Robert Wood Johnson IV

    Quarterback Mark Sanchez led the Jets to four road playoff wins in his first two seasons which tied an NFL record for most road wins by a QB.

    No. 11 Philadelphia Eagles
    Value: $1.12 billion
    Owner: Jeffrey Lurie

    The Eagles placed their franchise tag on Michael Vick in February which could mean a $20 million salary in 2011 for the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year.

    No. 12 Baltimore Ravens
    Value: $1.07 billion
    Owner: Stephen Bisciotti

    Ravens fans are loyal as the team has sold out every game since moving to Baltimore from Cleveland in 1996.

    No. 13 Ferrari
    Value: $1.07 billion
    Owner: Fiat Group

    Marlboro’s parent Philip Morris extended its sponsorship deal this year with Ferrari through 2015. The cigarette brand has been title sponsor of the team since 1997.

    No. 14 Chicago Bears
    Value: $1.07 billion
    Owner: McCaskey family

    George Halas bought the Bears in 1920 with a $100 investment which has resulted in a 20% annualized return.

    No. 15 Denver Broncos
    Value: $1.05 billion
    Owner: Patrick Bowlen

    The Broncos have just one playoff win since John Elway retired after the 1998 season.

    No. 16 Indianapolis Colts
    Value: $1.04 billion
    Owner: James Irsay

    Season ticket renewals for Colts fans at Lucas Oil Stadium are 97%.

    No. 17 Carolina Panthers
    Value: $1.04 billion
    Owner: Jerry Richardson

    The Panthers hope No. 1 draft pick Cam Newton will be a franchise quarterback after his Heisman Trophy winning campaign at Auburn.

    No. 18 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Value: $1.03 billion
    Owner: Malcolm Glazer

    Average game attendance slumped 22% last year after a three win season in 2010.

    No. 19 Bayern Munich
    Value: $1.03 billion
    Owner: club members

    Germany’s most successful club plays its home games at Allianz Arena which opened in 2005 and houses 106 luxury suites.

    No. 20 Green Bay Packers
    Value: $1.02 billion
    Owner: shareholder-owned

    The Packers Super Bowl win in February was the franchise’s 13 NFL title since the league was founded in 1920—four more than any other team.

    click here fore remaining teams on the list
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pope Bitterz D'Alomo View Post
    No. 2 Dallas Cowboys
    Value: $1.81 billion
    Owner: Jerry Jones

    Cowboys Stadium has 15,000 club seats that cost $340 for each NFL game.
    .. .what ta da ha...

    Quote Originally Posted by Pope Bitterz D'Alomo View Post
    No. 7 Arsenal
    Value: $1.19 billion
    Owner: Stanley Kroenke
    .... says who you have to win trophies to make money

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