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Thread: Proposal to expand leagues withdrawn

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    Default Proposal to expand leagues withdrawn

    The proposal to increase the number of clubs in the premier league from 16 to 20 and the Division One League from 58 to 64 has been withdrawn on the floor of Congress.

    The withdrawal means the participating number of clubs in both league tiers for the new football season would remain unchanged.

    Chairman of the Central Region Football Association, M.N.S. Doe, proponents of the idea announced the decision explaining that after discussions with other stakeholders, it was decided that the proposal be sent to the Executive Committee of the FA to look into the advantages of such a proposal for future consideration.

    The proposal under Article 8 of the GFA Statutes was to seek the support of Congress to increase of Premier clubs from sixteen (16) to twenty (20) clubs and also

    Article 8 of the GFA's Statutes states that: "The Premier Division League shall be open to a maximum of twenty (20) clubs which shall register with the Premier League Board (PLB) to participate in the league."
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    They can't handle the current clubs in the league and they're thinking about increasing the number. Good the proposal has been withdrawn. They need to work on making the league more competitive and attractive.Fill the stands,draw international interest then consider increasing the number of teams.

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