There have been lots of rumors about John Dumelo and alleged relations with ladies, none of which have been substantiated by the supposed accusers on the pretext of the fact that they do not want to be exposed and come under the radar in the media landscape to answer any follow up verification questioning. One Nigerian lady in the U.S. however, is making such claims, revealing that John Dumelo is true to the rumored accusations being leveled against him. She also claims to have met two other different women who have also confirmed that John is dating them. She added that John is always giving unfounded excuses when asked about the information. She further goes on to make other serious allegations about blackmailing other ladies in the name of love.

When we asked her if she has any prove to back all she was saying, she claimed to have some pictures and some videos of John on Skype in an attempted sexual act, and other half **** pictures of John Dumelo.

In a fierce rebuttal however, John Dumelo responded that he was waiting to listen to the tapes including some of the charity contract deals that are supposedly withheld as evidence before he would make any further comment. He also stated that he has never signed any contract with anybody in his business life apart from a movie business contract. “The only contract I have signed in my life is a movie contract. I have never signed any charity contract or talked to anyone about a charity home” he said.

He added that he hasn’t dated any lady so all the ladies claiming he has dated them to make money are lairs. The lady has subsequently accented to releasing the proof in her possession and we would follow up this story to a logical conclusion and leave you the readers to make a good judgment on the issue.

Stay tuned.

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