I have chanced on certain men who are of the opinion and belief that they need to sample the "produce" they intend to "purchase" making sure its worth the "price" before going ahead to do so. They want to be sure that the land they buy is potent and fruitful enough to reproduce enough so that their labor will not be in vain. That said, some men want to make sure that the ladies they marry can bear forth children and so will want to impregnate them first before going ahead with the marriage. They think that most of these ladies have had enough abortions with its own complications therefore rendering some of these women incapable of bringing forth. Once the lady takes seed, then they can proceed with the marriage

Some women have realized that certain men are just scared of commitment, they will rather go through years and years of dating and not "put a ring on the finger" since they'll keep procrastinating till thy kingdom come. The ladies have also decided to hook these men and drag them into marriage by getting pregnant, since some of these guys will want to do good by the ladies.

So I ask is pregnancy the right reason to get married?

I know of a lot of instances where such situations happen but within a few years, divorce is staring right in their faces. Some are able to hang on for the sake of the children in the marriage but most others just let it go.........so I ask again what do u think? Is pregnancy a good reason for getting married?