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Thread: Did Jesus, God, and the Holy spirit die ?

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    Default Did Jesus, God, and the Holy spirit die ?

    Hi guys, this has been weighing on my mind for a long time and need you to help me understand this.

    According to the Bible, God the son, God the father and God the holy spirit are(is) one person right?

    ok here is a simple question. If they are all one person or ONE, does it mean that when jesus died on the cross they all died?

    Because surely one cannot die and leave the other.

    Does this not also suggest that there was no God for 3 days? Because they all died right?

    Let me know your thoughts.

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    neo, jesus, death and many other notions and theories in religion barely do justice to the actuality they try to point at .... will soon be discussed on this forum....
    but to simply say my take on this... i will say nothing dies....... defining death as no-more .... non existence .....
    statistics are what other people have chosen to make real.

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