Ghana may, by middle of next year, become a United States Federal Aviation Administration (US-FAA) Category One nation in aviation business, the Director General of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority has told B&FT.

The new status represents very high aviation safety and security standards and countries wishing to fly to the United States of America (USA) must have the certification.

This will allow Ghanaian registered aircraft to fly directly into that country. Airlines registered in Ghana lost the right to fly into the airspace of the United States in 2001 following the revocation of the category one status assigned to Ghana by the US Federal Aviation Authority. Since then Ghanaian airlines have missed out on the opportunity to do business on the lucrative United States route.

Air Commodore Kwame Mamphey (rtd) Director-General of the GCAA in an exclusive interview with B&FT said his outfit was working seriously with the FAA to get Ghana’s category One status restored by middle of next year..

Good news or bad new??? What aircrafts are they referring to someone pls enlighten me!!!