Noted for his bluntness in approach to issues, the Former President (Mr.) John Agyekum Kufuor has taken a swipe at Professor Sai, the man he appointed as a Chairman to the Ghana Aids Commission, in his time as the leader of this country.

Mr. Kufuor expressed disgust in an interview with Hot Fm - kicking against the favouring-view of his former HIV/AIDS’ adviser’s on the question of legalization of homosexuality in Ghana.

Asked whether he associates himself with comments that homosexuality should be encouraged like his own man, Professor Sai has publicly declared support for, and even calls for it to be legalized, ex-President Kufuor vehemently denounced the practice, saying, it is an abomination.

According to the Former President, he abhors the practice, since it hinders procreation, questioning the reason behind same sex promotion. “With all the attractive women around, why would I go in for my fellow man as my sex-partner”, he questioned.

”God created men and women to mate and procreate, and it is through that we all existed, so same sex practice will end reproduction”, he ascribed, impugning that the practice is un-Godly and would derail reproduction.

Prof Sai Mr. Kufuor’s observation is contrary to the recent opinion shared by Professor Sai and some other human rights activists, who seem to be promoting the practice, especially, at a time that it is emerging that the practice of homosexuality has aided the growth of the deadly HIV/AIDS disease.

Perhaps, Professor Sai has to delete from his Curriculum Vitae (CV) the clause of having worked with the Ghana Aids Commission and as the Commission’s chairman, since his public endorsement of the above-mentioned primitive practice indicts the position he once held in Kufuor’s government.

Source: Then Herald