In a recent interview sultry actress Genevieve Nnaji was asked why sheís still single and if she could marry Dbanj? - her response.

Excerpts from the interview;

You had a brilliant music video with Dbanj in Fall in Love, you guys had great chemistry and there have been rumours that you two are an item. He was at your birthday party in London in May, if all the circumstances are right, will you say yes to marriage with Dbanj?

First of all I have to agree within myself that I actually want to get married. If I would marry him, I donít know. I think my life is already chaotic as it is being one celebrity. So, itís a no.

When you talk about not getting married, what is it with marriage that you find repulsive?

No, I donít find marriage repulsive but everyday I learn from married people about what not to do when it comes to marriage. I think Iíve just learnt the bad things about marriage before the good ones. There is constant discouragement but I just know for a fact that when I find the right person I will definitely not think about it. Marriage should be about finding the right person, finding your soul mate, not necessarily in receiving love.

Youíve not met that person yet?

Iím 32, Iíve been busy for 12 years and Iím still busy.

Seeing that youíre so busy, how can a guy break down the barriers and show love to you?

If I have to tell a guy what to do then heís not a man! (Laughs).

Source: nigeriafilms