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Thread: Is intelligence overrated?

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    Default Is intelligence overrated?

    Look at Sarah Palin or Levi Johnston. She made 12 million in 2009. Levi Johnston made 500k for playgirl.

    7 of the 10 wealthiest men in the world have no college education or dropped out.

    What are your thoughts?

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    i don't think intelligence is overrated.....you can never know too much and we learn til we die....... I think excessively rich is overrated............... they light the candle at both ends....Yes, its burns twice as bright but, only half as long, Intelligence can save lives. Having excessive wealth could bring your ultimate demise.
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    Time and tide ..... and perhaps place/situation .
    You dont need to know everything to be (excessively)rich ....you can always hire/find someone for that.
    But i guess you definitely have to be comfortable in your own field. Perhaps thats what these people have in common. Just my thoughts

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