MADAM GIZELLE Yazji, the controversial Lebanese born American, who alleged some years back that she had an illicit affair with former President John Agyekum Kufuor, resulting in a set of twins she delivered, has hit back at her former ‘sweet heart’, insisting that she really had a set of twins with him.

She said Mr. Kufuor’s denial of his own biological children smacks of hypocrisy, and his ability to do anything sinister under this sun. The Managing Editor of the New Crusading Guide, Mr. Kwake Baako has, however, described Madam Yazji as a bloody liar, who must not be taken serious.

Mr. Kufuor on Tuesday resurrected the alleged illicit affair by denying the existence of the twins, and noted that if they really existed, he would have apologized to his wife, Mrs. Theresa Kufuor, and gone for the children because they are his blood.

But Gizelle Yazji, in a swift reaction, accused Mr. Kufuor of being a chronic liar, and insisted that she indeed had twins with the former President during his tenure of office, and stated that she stopped talking about the issue because it embarrasses the children.

Expressing shock and dismayed over the denial of Mr. Kufuor, she accused the former President in unpalatable and unprintable words. “You remember I was going to write a book about former President Kufour. I have everything ready to publish, but you know I have two children for him.

They are his blood children and with respect for my two children, I think it does not make sense to publish it.

Because the two boys are his blood it does not make sense if I attack their father,” she noted.
Speaking on an Accra based Radio Gold station yesterday, the controversial Gizelle Yazji, who claimed she was rich and capable of taking care of the twins, said she needs nothing from Mr. Kufuor. “I don’t need him. I don’t need his money. If he denies his blood, then he can deny anything. I will never accept anything from him.”

She was quick to add that the children are aware that their father was a former Ghanaian Head of State, saying “They know that their father is the former President of Ghana, and that they are Ghanaians.”

She said she was not up to any mischief, because whatever transpired between her and Mr. Kufuor was born out of love. “I was really in love with him not because I wanted to blackmail him. I am really shocked. He has done so much for the country, but if he denied the children, it’s a shame,” she added.

To her, since Mr. Kufuor had denied the gift given to them by God, she gladly accept them and would take good care of them until they grow and come to Ghana, their fatherland. According to her, she deliberately refused to bring the twins to Ghana now or make their pictures available, for security reasons.

But in a swift rebuttal, Mr. Kwaku Baako Jnr., the Managing Editor of the New Crusading Guide, asserted that Ms. Gizelle is not a credible person that must be trusted. According to him, the woman has been making all these allegations, but has failed to produce any proof against the former President, and therefore described her as a bloody liar.

Mr. Baako, who was speaking on Peace FM yesterday, noted that he was ever-ready for the woman, if she wanted to re-launch an attack on Mr. Kufuor. “She is such a bloody liar. If she wants to re-launch into that area again, then I am ready for her. I have all the recordings of the interviews she had with the media,” he said.