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Thread: When do u know he or she is the right one

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    Smile When do u know he or she is the right one

    I Have been wondering wen do u know that this is the one meant for you. let me know what you think

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    Knowing comes over time. In that, you get to know the person over a period of time and not instantly. You may both be looking for certain qualities or traits,compartiblity etc which happens to be the case when both parties are looking forward to taking the relationship a step further ie-Marriage.

    To call him or her the one takes patience,persistence,perseverance,compromise and deligence and lots more to enable one arrive at that decision and once you have all the bases covered,you KNOW he/she is the one.

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    To corroborate what Mega said. "The one" is not a person. It is what you both create and it takes compromise, sacrifice and dedication to achieve that.

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    How come i am never the one ? just asking. wink wink. Some of us can never be the one, we are the IT- the selected few.
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    the IT huh...LOL

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