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Thread: Does science prove God does not exist?

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    Default Does science prove God does not exist?

    Does science prove God does not exist?

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    not at all unless ur idea of god is one that is portrayed by jehovah
    statistics are what other people have chosen to make real.

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    The concept of a supreme being has been mostly unproven theory. All humans grow believing in the axiom of a supreme being. Languages, cultures and creeds may have different concepts and ideas of who this deity is. To the scientist, this axiom of a creator is a fomulated hypothesis which is yet to be proven as a theory. The existence of the diety and his where abt has only been related to 'good forces' or 'supreme energy' but all these thoughts are yet to be quantified to suit the scientific paradigm. I think any research by any known scientist abt the existence of God will be difficult to be accepted to the bias of the researcher, reader, or reviewer. To most scientist, the belief of a God cannot be proved as asserted by religion, but the acceptance of a good force, and supreme energy can be the farthest scientist can meet the beliefs of religion as a means of compromise.
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