The best evidence for an evolutionary process would be the fossil record. Put quite simply, we see species in fossils which existed millions of years ago which do not exist today, and we see species that exist today that are not found in the fossil record. That would indicate that some species died out, and new species arose from ancestors with different features, commonly known as descent with modification. However, a huge hole that cannot yet be accounted for are the numerous gaps found in the fossil record (such as Romers Gap). It seems that many transitional fossils, which would indicate the change between species, are missing. So this would be an objection to "descent with modification." Thus, the first objection to evolution

1) Gaps in the Fossil Record

The second law of thermodynamics (in general) states that over a period of time, systems decay and fall into dis-order. Now this law tends to apply more in the realm of physics, but it has some bearing in this discussion. The reason why systems break down and decay is to preserve the maximum amount of limited entropy. Thus it seems evolution violates this law, because it states organisms gradully develop and grow more complex

2) Evolution violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics

Now, it is not a neccesity that organic life forms exist. It is not a neccesity that cells were created and self replicate themselves. Thus, life and the gradual mutations and changes to life happended by chance. Humans are hypothecized to have come from chimps. Thus the mutations and changes of genetic material in order for a chimp to evolve into a human are enourmous. And the neccesary means for life to come about from inorganic material is highly improbable, thus

3) Evolution is mathematically improbable

Evolution is presupposes life, it presupposes self replicating cells and metabolism. Sponteaneous generation is a dead theory, and Aristotle was wrong, just as he was wrong about many other things. Abiogenesis has yet to be proven and is still mere speculation. Thus

4) Evolution begs the question

Sibling rivalry, territory aggression, sexual courtship and so on, are most likely evolved human traits. What are not evolved human traits are emotions, feelins of love anger and depression, human altruism seems to contradict the idea of the survival of the fittest. Now, considering man has existed thousands and millions of years ago, in the forms of homo habilis and homo erectus, and then the more cognitivly capable homo sapiens; it seems strange to me that the earliest knowledge we have of written history and civilization began in 6000BC. It is my opinion, that perhaps a transcendent being breathed into man the rationality and capabilty to comprehend language and construct civilizations and technology.

5) Evolution cannot account for our current cognitive traits, rationality and altruism.

Now, I am not definitly aware of how long it takes for changes and mutations to occur. But we know that Homo Sapiens Sapiens have existed for 6000 years, that is a fact. Yet we have not seen any changes to this genus. Therefore

6) Evolution is not observable.