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Thread: Is love enough?

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    Default Is love enough?

    Some people say love is the most important thing; if you love each other, you can conquer the world!
    Love might be enough to start a relationship and maybe even a marriage........but,

    Is love enough to sustain a relationship/marriage?
    (give the reason for your answer)

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    Love indeed is important to start the relationship/marriage but just saying you love the person cannot sustain the relationship.

    If you want your relationship/marriage to be sustained, you need to work hard at doing so. It involves a lot of tear shedding, pains, disappointments, hurts, happiness, triumphs, etc but you need to endure it all if you want that relationship to be sustained.

    Telling me you love me doesn't feed a hungry stomach, doesn't cure illnesses, doesn't provide a roof over my head and take care of my needs but rather saying you love me and doing what needs to be done to take of me will make the relationship grow and be sustained.

    Love without works can definitely not sustain a relationship.

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    Love would have been enough to sustain a relationship, had we still lived in the 15th century. These days it's all about money. Love has been relegated to the back seat when it comes to relationships. To sustain a relationship you need Money and Stability then may be love. Walk to a girl with your broke ass and tell her you're in love and see if she will be willing to hear you out.

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    Quophi Aletse


    u also have to remember but the word "love" that is used in today's society actually points to possession, want and the likes ..... i will call that conditional love ..... but if u are talking about unconditional love then yes that is more than enough and can and does sustain everything at a macro level

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