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Thread: Did you know that...

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    Default Did you know that...

    1: You do not need the permission of anyone to leave this world and return?

    2: The best way to rule over a "civilization" is to rule-invisibly?

    3: There are regions of the universe that are the exact opposite of BLACK-HOLES? ---Science does not know that yet---These spots repel everything! Nothing is powerful enough to break their boundaries.

    4: There is a Solar/Galactic "FM" FREQUENCY you can tune in to?

    5: Darkness is "more" powerful than 'visible' light? In fact, light is struggling to stay relevant. over 90% of over universe is governed by 'darkness'!

    6: there are human beings over 2,000 years old on this planet?

    7: More people are planning to leave this planet physically in the very near future for Space? They are perfecting a process for long-space travel.

    8: All pastors and religious leaders will reject whoever comes as 'THE CHRIST'?

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    I didn't know. This sounds like some Scientology mambo jambo.

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    It is a hotch-potch of mumbo-jumbo propounded to satisfy our mundane curiosity.

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