Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger wants to extend his stay at the London club.

The 61-year-old Frenchman, who has been at the club since 1996, has one year remaining on his current deal.

Wenger claims he wants to stay at the club until he retires from club management at the age of 65.

Wenger told The Observer: "I am at a stage where if I extend my contract it means I will finish my career at club level at Arsenal.

"If I go for a different challenge - I have been offered many challenges you know - it has to be now.

"That's a decision I have to make. But basically, I have no desire to change from here. I have one more year, and we are maybe thinking about extending it."

On the subject of stepping down from the pressures of club management at 65, Wenger added: "I cannot see that my enthusiasm will drop, but I am not necessarily the same resistance physically as Alex Ferguson.

"At 65 I will certainly move to some different job, unless I still feel like I feel today."