The Reverend Benjamin Dube, Chief Executive Officer of High Praise Centre, based in South Africa on Good Friday told Christians to humble themselves before God, saying: “You can not worship God effectively with ego.

“You must let go of your status, qualification, academic
credentials and any other self-centred tendencies in the presence of
God…that is the only way you can effectively worship the King of
Kings,” Rev Dube said at a special Good Friday Church Service at
Harvest Chapel International in Accra.

Rev Dube who is the special guest artiste for the annual Easter
Gospel Ministration dubbed: “Harvest Praise,” admonished Christians
not to worry about what was happening around them but to focus on the
things above.

Delivering the sermon, Pastor Emmanuel Teye Kicther of Harvest
Chapel International posed the question; “Who is This? Based on
Matthew 21:10; “And when He ‘Jesus’ was come into Jerusalem, all the
city was moved, saying, Who is This?

Pastor Kitcher therefore asked Christians to ponder over the
question and soberly reflect on “Who is Jesus Christ to you”?

Both Rev Dube and the Evergreen Harvest Gospel Choir gave the
large congregation a fore taste of Harvest Praise 2011, with an
electrifying performance.

Source: GNA