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Thread: $100,000 Sakawa Scam In Court

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    Default $100,000 Sakawa Scam In Court

    DETECTIVE INSPECTOR Frank Kwame Adjei, an investigator in the case of a British businesswoman who was allegedly defrauded on the internet to the tune of $100,000, has told a court presided over by Justice Charles Quist in Accra that Kerlyn Agnes Anan, one of the accused persons, has denied ever committing any offence in her statement to the police.

    Mr Adjei, reading a statement by Kerlyn, noted that she indicated that Kojo Asamoah told the complainant, Mary Little, that she (Kerlyn) was his daughter, adding that she spoke to the complainant on the phone sometimes.

    He said this in his evidence in-chief led by Rexford Wiredu, Principal State Attorney.

    The other accused persons are Kojo Asamoah, Kennedy Baah Acheamfour and Dela Kuku. Kojo Asamoah pretended to be an American Colonel by name Frederick Stark and proposed to the businesswoman. According to Kerlyn, she did not really understand what was going on between Asamaoh and the complainant, but she was aware that the complainant had been sending money to Asamoah.

    She explained that the maximum she received from Asamoah was GH¢5,000 as her share of the booty. She said in late November last year, Asamoah called her and told her to pick up a parcel the complainant had sent, at the airport, adding that she was arrested when she got to Aviance.

    The Inspector tendered Kerlyn’s statement in evidence. The investigator said during investigations, it was detected that Kerlyn lived with Asamoah, and noted that he found receipts of some of the money received from the complainant at Asamoah’s house, which he tendered to the court in evidence.

    He explained that the other accomplices, Acheamfour and Kuku, helped Asamoah with fake documents. He noted that it was Kuku who posed as Asamoah’s lawyer and appended his signature to all the documents.

    The case has been adjourned to April 19, 2011 for cross-examination by counsel for the accused persons. According to the facts before the court, Mary Little had transferred part of her life savings to her supposed lover, Frederick Stark, a retired American Colonel, for him to prepare his New York house as part of plans for them to move in together.

    The facts said the accused persons, after succeeding in defrauding the British national, put the money into a cedi account at a bank in Accra, and with the help of an employee of the said bank, later withdrew it in three tranches.

    The facts said the complainant was in a relationship with Asamoah for over seven months, via phone, camcorders and text messages, after she first met him on a dating site, Match.com.

    Mary Little was supposed to meet Asamoah for the first time in New York on September 19, 2009, and possibly start a new future with him without the slightest knowledge that she was being defrauded. It noted that Asamoah claimed he was part of the soldiers withdrawn by the US government from Baghdad, and that he was to take care of some properties wrongly shipped to Accra and would return to US in two weeks.

    While in Accra, Asamoah alleged that he got into trouble with the police and needed part of the amount to resolve the problem, adding that the rest would be invested in the property in the US, as agreed by the two of them. He requested that the money be paid to his lawyer, who was litigating the case for him.
    Explaining further, it said the money didn’t go into a dollar account, but rather a local currency account in a reputable bank. The lawyer as well as the account holder was fake. The facts said Mary Little, upon arriving to meet her lover, called the Modern Hotel in Achimota, Accra, where Frederick Stalk was supposed to have been staying for the two weeks, only to be told he had been beaten up and taken to hospital.

    The complainant learnt that her supposed lover had checked out of the hotel and had failed to make contact with her. The facts said the complainant lodged a complaint with the police, leading to the arrest of Asamoah, who was then put before court with his accomplices after police concluded investigations.

    Source: daily Guide

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    I have been actively following this scam, along with others, just to see exactly how the justice system in Ghana respond to this sort of situation. I personally cannot recall ANYONE, personally or via a lawyer, bringing a 'Sakawa' case to court in Ghana or even Nigeria. I can only imagine that either too many 'others' are also involved in these scams and therefore the justice system might be put into jeopardy if this news came out and was shown to be true. I cannot believe for one moment that just a handful of people involved in this case of Mary Little are the only ones scamming but I believe that the thread is much larger and involves greater and larger than life other citizens and probably quite well known in Ghana who are most probably at the top of this 'gangster style' operation. As Ghana is a member of the British Commonwealth it is high time that the justice system dealt fairly and squarely with the perpetrators of these dispicable crimes. Yes, CRIMES? Jail the lot of them NOW! Nobody should be seen as being above the law, NOBODY and until the big boys are caught, Ghana will be seen as a corrupt country, colluding with these gangsters and as for Foreign Aid from GB this should be stopped immediately until you get your house in order.

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    I totally agree with you, Smokey. Prosecuting the crime of sakawa will be a daunting task however the few who land in the nets of the law must be dealt with severely. Ghana is gradually getting the unwanted attention as one of the major players in this nonsense.
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