The President, Professor John Evans Atta Mills, yesterday called for greater collaboration between the State and religious bodies to find common grounds on which the two could jointly fight the vices which were threatening the smooth development of the country.

He said while the church could redouble their efforts towards inculcating sound spiritual principles into the people, especially the youth, the State would provide opportunities which would enable the people to lead meaningful lives and stay away from vices.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 69th Synod of the Global Evangelical Church in Accra, President Mills compared the moral decadence in the Ghanaian society to the features of an amoeba (a micro organism), stressing that the phenomenon calls for immediate and critical moral self-examination among people, especially those in leadership positions.

According to him, moral decay in society had assumed a shapeless and complex dimension which had made it increasingly difficult for the State and religious bodies, which he described as the conscience of the nation, to deal with.

The President pointed out that there was so much moral laxity in society, in spite of the joint efforts of the State and religious bodies to eradicate it.

He said the quest for material things and political power within the shortest time had led to unbridled greed, envy, hatred and jealousy among the people, a situation which he said did not augur well for the country.

He said in the present situation where such vices had become endemic in society, it was incumbent on those in leadership positions, from the grass-roots level to the national level, to lead exemplary lives.

He said since those in leadership positions had considerable influence over the people, they were duty bound to lead decent and dignified lives which would be worthy of emulation by the rest of the people.

President Mills noted that parents, teachers, clergymen, traditional rulers and political leaders, for example, had the onerous responsibility to show greater conduct and character in their various fields of endeavour.

The President praised the Global Evangelical Church for embarking on a number of projects intended to equip its membership with moral principles and biblical teachings and also improve their quality of life.

Earlier in his remarks, the Moderator of the church, Reverend E.K. Gbordzoe, had called on President Mills to be unrelenting in his drive to instil discipline in the management of the country's resources.

"We urge that greed, which leads to corruption, should be removed from all levels of the Ghanaian society. We advocate that the philosophy that guides us as a nation, especially our leader, should not be carnal," he said.

Rev Gbordzoe urged President Mills not to yield to any external and local pressure to promote homosexuality in the country, since that practice was an abomination to God.

He said the church admired President Millsís simplicity, honesty and forthrightness in the discharge of his responsibilities to the nation, stressing that it was the hope of the church that he would transform the economy and improve the lives of the people during his term of office.