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Thread: China To Buy Liverpool ?

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    Default China To Buy Liverpool ?

    The Chinese government is believed to be behind a bid for Liverpool Football Club.

    According to the The Times, London, China's overseas investment arm China Investment Corporation (CIC), is funding the bid fronted by sports tycoon Kenny Huang.

    The debt-laden club, one of Britain's biggest sporting names, is expected to change hands this month.

    Neither CIC nor Huang was available for comment, but insiders said that CIC could end up owning the majority of the club if the consortium's planned bid -- which values Liverpool at between £300 million and £350 million -- is successful.

    Meanwhile, Syrian businessman Yahya Kirdi, is also said to be in the final stages of negotiations to buy the Premier League club as are India's [ Images ] richest man Mukesh Ambani [ Images ] and billionaire businessman Subrata Roy .

    Kirdi said in a statement that agreement had been reached "on all major terms including the purchase price, repayment of the existing bank debt... and financing of a new stadium in Liverpool's Stanley Park.

    "A formal purchase agreement between the parties is in the final stage of negotiation."

    The Indian business tycoons tabled their bid for Liverpool nine months after failing to buy a 51 per cent share in the Anfield outfit.

    Sources said there are potential buyers who have declared interest in the club but haven't tabled a bid, whereas Ambani and Roy have put money on the table.

    If the Chinese government will make this bold move of buying Liverpool then it's safe to say they are not all into winning trophies but rather to market the club in Asia first then whatever happens later is an added bonus.

    I remember the Yao Ming effect when he signed with Houston Rockets,if one Chinese 7+ footer could rake in so much cash for the NBA just imagine what Liverpool FC can become should the bid go through. The Chinese are seeing "RED" haha
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    If this deal goes through the Scousers will definitely be stable because the Chinese are shrewd business men. I hate to say this but i wish the Glazers also sell and get the hell out of Manchester.

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    Oh yes, it will be very good for liverpool.. The Chinese are loaded and currently investing like crazy..I wouldn't be surprised if the Liverpool emblem changed to a dragon..lol

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